How to Make Beaded Barefoot Sandals

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Things You'll Need

  • 18-inch elastic cord

  • Plastic beads, eight 6mm beads, 16 pony beads, eight matching or contrasting beads

  • Small piece sewing thread

  • 2 extra large beads, with large hole

  • E6000 glue or hot glue

  • Charms (optional)

Barefoot sandals are a great beach accessory.
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Beaded barefoot sandals can be a nice accessory to wear to the beach or pool, but buying this foot jewelry can be expensive. Instead of paying a lot of money, make them yourself at a fraction of the cost. Select beads that complement your beach outfit, then complete the look by creating a string of them that will ultimately wrap around your toes and ankle to accent your bare feet.


Step 1

String the eight 6mm beads onto a piece of elastic cord. Bring up the two ends of the cord so they match. Make sure the eight beads are in the center of the cord.

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Step 2

Bring the ends together and put both ends through the larger bead. If you want to add charms, just add a charm with a jump ring instead of a bead, or between the beads.

Step 3

String beads onto each side of the cord so they match perfectly. Follow this pattern: two pony beads and then one larger bead. Repeat six times, add one extra pony bead on the first side and tie the end to it while you bead the other side.

Step 4

Tie the loose ends of the elastic cord in a double knot and push the loose ends back through the last pony beads. Apply waterproof glue to the ends and wrap a small piece of thread around the ends before the glue dries. If the frayed ends of the cord will not fit into the hole of the next bead, you should trim it so it won't show. Apply some glue on the knot and push the last two pony beads together.


Let the glue dry at least 24 hours before wearing in water.

This barefoot sandal will also work as a choker necklace, ponytail wrap, bracelet key chain, and foot and ankle bracelet. To use this as a key chain bracelet or choker necklace, add a jump ring to hold a charm or a key ring for your keys.

To make children's sizes, just decrease the size of the elastic cord and the number of beads.

For especially small or large feet, you can adjust the size of the cord and the number of beads accordingly.

Different types of beads can be used to make different styles of sandals. For instance, brightly colored plastic beads will give a very different look than wooden ones will.


Do not add metal beads, they get hot in the sun.

Painted beads may discolor in chlorinated or salt water.


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