How to Cut Concrete Scallop Edging

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Things You'll Need

  • Circular saw fitted with a diamond cutting blade

  • Protective eye goggles

  • Ventilator mask

  • Measuring tape, level, masking tape

  • Stable cutting surface

  • Work gloves

Cutting concrete scalloped garden edging to custom lengths is a straightforward process provided you have a circular saw and feel confident in using it. Scalloped edging comes in both curving and straight lengths of various sizes and all can be cut easily with a diamond embedded saw blade. Cutting through scalloped edging is relatively easy by concrete standards because it is highly porous. Completing this job outdoors is a must as cutting concrete block is a dusty business.


Set Up Stable Work Surface

Step 1

Prepare a stable cutting surface to ensure clean even cuts. Use a work bench or table or two cuts of lumber set out in the ground in parallel like sawhorses with the edging to be cut straddling the two pieces of lumber.


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Step 2

Layout the entire pattern of edging design and determine the cuts that must be made to proportionately make the pattern.

Step 3

Measure the scalloped edging to be cut and mark at the cut point with masking tape to be used as a cutting guide line.

Step 4

Cut the edging pieces with the circular saw cutting from the side exposure down through the edging to finish the cut.


Cutting through concrete throws off a tremendous amount of dust that must not be inhaled and can be very unpleasant if it gets in your eyes. Scalloped edging is also very rough on the skin, so gloves, eye wear and the ventilator mask are not niceties but must haves for this project.


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