How to Make a Police Hat

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Things You'll Need

  • 1/2-yard black felt

  • 12-inch square yellow felt

  • 18-inch square blue felt

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Marker

  • Needle

  • Yellow thread

  • Pins

  • Blue thread

  • Black thread

Add a police hat to your costume chest.
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Police protect and serve communities all around the country. Parents teach children to trust and respect law enforcement teams and to go to them for help. Help your child make a police hat to go along with a school lesson about police officers and the importance of their job. This quick craft can also come in handy for a little one who aspires to be a police officer to wear while playing dress-up.


Preparing the Materials

Step 1

Cut a 3-inch-wide by 24-inch-long band of black felt. Cut a 4-inch square of yellow felt. Measure across the "police officer's" head and cut a square piece of blue felt, 4 1/2 inches on all sides. Cut a semicircle shape out of the black felt that's 2 inches at the widest point.

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Step 2

Draw a police badge shape on the yellow square of felt. Use a photo as a guide. Police badges vary in shape, so select the one you prefer and draw it onto the felt with a marker. Cut out the badge.

Step 3

Fold the blue piece of felt in half. Place your scissors at the folded top corner of the felt. Angle the scissors diagonally toward the open corner of the felt. Make a 3-inch cut at a 40-degree angle. Cut the fabric to the side edge in a crescent moon shape. You should have an angled straight cut and a curved cut. Unfold the felt and check the shape of the hat. It should look like the triangular peak of a police hat at the top.



Step 1

Center and pin the badge to the blue felt. Thread the needle with yellow thread and knot the end. Sew the badge in place with a straight stitch. Sew all the way around the badge, and double knot the thread in the back to secure.


Step 2

Place the blue felt on top of the black band so the bottom of the band and the bottom of the blue felt line up. Stack the black semicircle shape on top of the blue felt. Position it so the straight side is lined up with the other two straight sides. Hold the black semicircle in place with one hand and fold the curved edge down toward the straight edge. Pin all layers in place. You are making an accordion fold in the black semicircle so the bill will stick out.


Step 3

Thread your needle with blue thread and stitch with a straight stitch. Start at the top left corner of the blue felt; go down the side, across the black band under the bill and up the right side to the other corner. Tie the thread in a double knot to secure.

Step 4

Hold the hat up to your "police officer's" head. Wrap the straps snugly around his head. Place a pin to secure the straps and remove the hat from his head. Sew the band together using black thread. Snip off the ends of the band.


Make a second badge with any extra yellow felt for the shirt.

Decorate the badge with a permanent marker. Write “POLICE,” “PRECINT 8” or something similar on it.


Be careful when using sharp objects such as, needles and scissors, around children.


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