How to Change the Washer on a Delta Faucet

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Things You'll Need

  • Dull knife or flathead screwdriver

  • Adjustable pliers

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • O-ring

  • Stem washer

  • Heatproof grease

The Delta Faucet Company produces a wide variety of faucet's utilizing different designs. Because faucets are so commonly used, and because of the water pressure which flows through the faucet, a faucet's components wear out over time. The most common problem is that of the persistent leak. Delta faucet's are known for their durability, but even a Delta faucet will eventually succumb to wear and tear and necessitate repair. Thankfully, changing a washer on a Delta faucet to fix a leak is a simple task.


Step 1

Turn off the water supply valve for the faucet to be repaired, then turn the faucet's handle to the on position to let the remaining water drain out.

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Step 2

Remove the faucet's handle by first prying away the index cap located in the center of the handle with a dull knife or with a flathead screwdriver, then by removing the handle's retaining screw with a screwdriver and pulling the handle off of the faucet.


Step 3

Unscrew the faucet with a pair of adjustable pliers by twisting the nut in a counterclockwise direction, then pull the faucet valve out of the sink or wall.

Step 4

Remove the single screw located on the bottom end of the faucet with a Phillips head screwdriver. The screw holds the faucet's stem washer in place. Discard the stem washer.


Step 5

Pry or cut off the rubber O-ring on the stem with a razor blade. It is the O-ring which prevents water from leaking under the handle when the faucet is turned on.

Step 6

Coat a new O-ring and stem washer with heatproof grease and install them onto the faucet. The single stem screw should only be tightened enough to hold the stem washer in place without distorting it. Also coat the threads of the faucet with heatproof grease.


Step 7

Install the faucet and tighten into place with the adjustable pliers, then install the handle, the handle's retaining screw, and the index cap to complete the repair.


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