How to Make WWE Championship Belts

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Things You'll Need

  • Black leather (at least 50" long, 10" wide)

  • Cardboard

  • Posterboard

  • Leather-cutting scissors

  • Black spray paint

  • All-purpose tacky craft glue

  • Leather glue

  • Gold spray paint

  • Felt marker

  • Velcro strips (3" in length)

One popular trend of WWE wrestling fans is wearing replicas of the WWE championship belts, especially at live events. Replica belts are available at the events themselves and even at toy stores. However, you can create a belt of your own if you are able to cut leather and can design copies of a faceplate used on a title belt. You can even make replicas of past championship belts that are no longer available, like the ones worn by Hulk Hogan and other legends.


Step 1

Cut out a piece of black leather into a strap 4 to 6 inches wide that will wrap all the way around your waist.

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Step 2

Cut out a circular piece of leather and glue this onto the middle of the strap. If you don't have enough leather left for this piece, use cardboard and paint it black before gluing it on.

Step 3

Cut a piece of cardboard or posterboard into a smaller circle shape similar to the center piece, but cut off the left and right sides to make those edges straight. Paint this entire piece gold and glue it to the center piece.

Step 4

Choose the championship belt design you want. The two most popular WWE belt designs are the "winged eagle" design, with an eagle spreading his wings across the plate, and the "spinner belt," which has a large WWE logo in the middle surrounded by a circle with an eagle perched on top (see Resources).


Step 5

Draw the designs for the faceplate on cardboard or posterboard using gold paint and a felt marker. Cut them out and glue them to the plate.

Step 6

Affix Velcro strips to the ends of the belt so it can be fastened around the waist. These pieces are usually self-adhesive. One piece must be on the belt's front side at one end and the other on the back side at the other end so they will connect with each other.


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