How to Defrost a Magic Chef Freezer

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Things You'll Need

  • Containers to store frozen food

  • Basic cleaning supplies (rags, buckets, cleaner)

Proper maintenance of an appliance is necessary in order to extend its life as well as the manufacturer's warranty. Defrosting your Magic Chef freezer will allow it to run more smoothly and efficiently. Requiring just a little planning and a bit more time, defrosting a Magic Chef freezer can be accomplished by following these basic guidelines.


Step 1

Unplug the freezer. Remove all food from the freezer and store them in designated containers.

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Step 2

Open up the drain valve located toward the bottom rear of the freezer, usually on the left side. You may want to lay a towel by this drain valve to collect water as the freezer defrosts.

Step 3

If any ice build-up is loose, gently remove it. Otherwise, prop open the freezer door to allow the ice to thaw. As ice eventually melts or loosens, continue to remove it.

Step 4

Once all ice build-up is removed, wipe out the interior of the freezer. A rag and a bucket of warm water with mild soap is sufficient.


Step 5

Wipe up excess moisture with a dry towel once the freezer is cleaned.

Step 6

Place the cap back on the drain valve and plug in the freezer. Place food back in the freezer.


Use large coolers for storing food while defrosting the freezer. The food will stay colder longer. Depending on where you live, defrost your freezer in the winter and temporarily store your food outside or in your garage (keep it protected from animals, of course)


Be sure the freezer is unplugged before cleaning. Food that is allowed to thaw may be ruined or unsafe to eat. Do not use sharp objects to loosen ice build-up, as this may result in damaging the interior of the freezer.


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