How to Decorate the Mother's Chair at a Baby Shower

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Things You'll Need

  • Furniture throw (sized to cover a chair, in a color that matches baby’s nursery)

  • Canvas or other tightly woven fabric

  • Scissors

  • Sewing machine

  • Permanent markers in all colors

  • Decorative trim

  • Straight pins

Throwing a baby shower has never been more fun. Gone are the days of all things pink and blue. Today's shower style is filled with innovation and infused with memory-making activities. Whether you plan to make a plaster of Paris tummy mold that becomes an heirloom wall sculpture or there's a contest to see who can come up with the most innovative diaper design, today's shower is all about having a great time while preparing mom-to-be for her new arrival. If you'd like to start the gift-opening portion of the shower on a unique note, consider this mom-to-be's chair cover idea. It takes a little preparation, but, like baby's long-awaited arrival, this project will be around for decades as a thoughtful reminder of the guests who were on hand to share the joy.


Step 1

Purchase enough heavy-duty canvas or other tightly woven fabric to cut enough 10-by-10 inch squares for each guest invited to the shower. Hem each square to create an 8-by-8 inch finished piece.

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Step 2

Mail out shower invitations to each guest with a notation advising them that they will be asked to decorate a square for "mom's chair" when they arrive, so prompt them to think back to a favorite memory, poem or advice they wish to include on their square. Advise those who can't attend that you will be happy to send them a square for decorating.


Step 3

Create a center square by embroidering or using markers to post event details. For instance, the square might read "Lindsey's Baby Shower, April 6, 2012." Consider a second central square with the names of guests invited to the party. If squares made by those unable to attend come in before the big day, add them to the center section of the throw.


Step 4

Invite guests to arrive at least 1 hour earlier than the guest of honor. Provide a craft table filled with permanent markers, fabric glue, needles and thread, embellishments and other decorative touches that can be sewn to individual patches.

Step 5

As squares are completed, begin attaching them to the furniture throw. Guests can use the sewing machine set up for the job or they can hand attach their square using needle and thread.


Step 6

Provide snacks and beverages as the throw moves toward completion, then toss it over the chair to which the mom-to-be has been assigned so she can start opening gifts once the last square has been stitched to the cover.

Step 7

When the shower winds down, fold up the throw and put it into a plastic blanket bag for safekeeping. It probably won't stay there long since this sentimental shower gift makes a great wall hanging for baby's nursery wall.


Take lots of digital pictures of the square decorating and completion of the throw before taking a shot of the mom-to-be sitting on her throw-covered chair. Create a virtual scrapbook for attendees and circulate it via the Internet. As for mom, the only thing that will delight her more than a "welcome baby" gift of a scrapbook filled with shower photos is the chair cover made by loved ones.