How to Replace a Well Pump Pressure Gauge

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Things You'll Need

  • Garden hose (optional)

  • Replacement pressure gauge

  • Teflon tape

  • Channel locks or plumbers pliers

Well pump pressure gauges is a useful tool in monitoring a properly functioning water system. The ability to see at a glance the pressure of the well pump system can aid in any water flow problems. The pressure gauge is normally mounted on the pressure tank just above the well water pump pressure control switch. You can replace the gauge in a matter minutes.


Step 1

Remove the electrical power to the water well pump system by turning off the circuit breaker or pulling the fuse that sends power to the water system.

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Step 2

Drain the water system at the pressure tank. Most systems will have a drain spigot on the manifold that is attached to the lower end of the pressure tank. Use the garden hose, to drain the tank, if there is no floor drain available in the area. Run the hose to the outside of the home.

Step 3

Apply a couple of rounds of the Teflon tape to seal the male threads on the replacement pressure gauge.

Step 4

Remove the old malfunctioning gauge with the channel locks or plumbers pliers by grabbing the square brass fitting below the gauge dial. Turn the gauge in a counterclockwise direction for removal.


Step 5

Insert the new gauge into the female threads of the pressure tank manifold and begin to hand tighten the gauge in a clockwise direction. Finish tightening the gauge with the pliers.

Step 6

Close the drain spigot on the pressure tank and remove the garden hose.

Step 7

Apply power to the water pump and observe the gauge as it begins to rise in the pressure reading. Check for leaks around the threads.


When tightening the pressure gauge with the pliers, be sure to only place the jaws on the square brass fitting. Using the pliers on the gauge face itself may damage the mechanism.


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