How to Knit a Spiral Scarf

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Things You'll Need

  • 250 yards of yarn for a 60-inch scarf

  • Size 15 46-inch circular needle

  • Yarn needle

A spiral scarf is a ruffled, feminine alternative to a flat scarf and, believe it or not, it's just as simple to knit. Note: This is not a tutorial on how to knit. You don't need any special knitting skills for this project but you do need to know the basics. If this is your first time knitting, take a look at the Resources for a link to an online tutorial.


Step 1

Gather supplies. Make sure the yarn is medium in softness and weight—light and soft enough to feel good on your neck, but heavy enough to twist more easily.

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Step 2

Make your skein(s) into a yarn ball.

Step 3

Cast on 100 stitches. Make these stitches fairly loose.

Step 4

Knit one row normally. You don't have to join the stitches as you are not knitting in the round.

Step 5

Knit the second row with one increase for each stitch. That is, Knit 1, yarn-over 1, knit one, YO 1, and so forth. This should give you 200 stitches at the end of the second row.


Step 6

Knit the third row normally.

Step 7

Knit 1, YO 1, all across the fourth row. You should have 400 stitches at the end of the fourth row.

Step 8

Repeat this pattern of knitting one row normally and knitting the next row with increases until you have 1600 stitches. You can always stop before this if you want a shorter scarf. There is no trick or technique to make the scarf spiral, it should do this naturally.

Step 9

Cast off your final stitches. Weave the loose ends back into the scarf with yarn needle, and you're all done.


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