How to Make Buttons Without a Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Snap-in button casing

  • Pin back (may come with button)

  • Paper

  • Printer or markers

  • Scissors

Button machines are a common tool for manufacturers or large groups who need to make large batches of buttons. However, for the individual interested in making buttons for home or small-group use, there is a much easier way to make pin-back buttons. You can create buttons with any slogan, picture or design, and even reuse the pin back and front and change out your design.


Step 1

Create the artwork for your button. You can print art off of your computer or simply draw the design yourself with markers. Just make sure your art is the same size and shape as the button casing.

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Step 2

Open the snap-in button. This is usually comprised of a back with an opening for the pin and a clear plastic front. You can find these button casings at craft stores or online. A link to finding button casings is provided in "Additional Resources," below.

Step 3

Insert your artwork into the button. Make sure that it fits snugly against the plastic front, then snap the backing onto the pin.

Step 4

Insert the pin into the back if needed. The pin back may already be assembled. If not, you just need the insert the provided pin into the opening in the back of the pin casing.


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