How to Draw Dog Paws

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Things You'll Need

  • Pencils or pens

  • Paper

Draw Dog Paws

Dog paws can be fun to draw and can add detailing to your composition, such as paws from a dog walking away or a paws left behind from a dog that was previously there. The basic technique for drawing dog paws are easy to carry out by even the most novice artist, and can make a fun art lesson for children. Here are the basic instructions for drawing dog paws.


Step 1

Draw the outline of the paw. A dog paw has a large pad in the center, followed by four, smaller oval-shaped finger pads. You can see this basic design in the image shown here. Draw the basic outline of the paw with a pencil or a pen on a sheet of paper. You can try drawing your dog paws in smaller versions once you have the basic design down. Make sure that you include the rounded curves of the large pad, as this can add to the realism of your dog paws.


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Step 2

Shade in your paws. You can shade in the dog paws using a pencil, making the center of the paws the darkest. This will give the appearance of depth in your artwork and will make it seem like the dog pressed its foot into the soil, sand or snow. If you are using a pen, use a cross-hatching method by drawing criss-crossing lines to shade the paw. Criss-cross the lines more around the areas that will be darker on the paper.


Step 3

Try drawing different sized paws. You can draw tiny paws for smaller dogs and giant paws for larger dogs. You can try to add dog paws to a drawing that you have already worked on, making it seem like a dog had just visited. Once you have perfected drawing dog paws, you can draw them anywhere you wish, such as on folders, notebooks, chalkboards, in paintings, drawings and on walls.


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