How to Change the Combination on a Sesamee Padlock

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Things You'll Need

  • Sesamee combination lock

  • Sesamee change pin

Sesamee Combination Padlock

Sesamee combination padlocks from CCL Security Products have featured the same basic design since 1926. Instead of a spinning dial, the Sesamee uses four rotating wheels to align the tumblers that permit the lock to open. Each wheel has ten possible positions, allowing 10,000 unique combinations. The combination may be set to any four digit number and reset at any time with the aid of a short pin supplied with the lock.


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Step 1

Open the lock with your current combination. New locks are preset to "0000."

Step 2

Swing the shackle to the side. Locate the small hole within the larger shackle hole.

Step 3

Sesamee change pin

Push the change pin into the smaller hole as far as it will go.


Step 4

Rotate the wheels at the base of the lock to change the digits to the new combination.

Step 5

Remove the pin. The Sesamee lock will retain the combination you've set.