How to Make a Ceramic Vase

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Ceramic vases are beautiful, and useful for holding your favorite cut flowers as well. Luckily, you don't have to be a master potter or even own a pottery wheel to craft your own unique, personalized ceramic vase. If you have access to a kiln, you can use regular pottery clay. However, if you don't have a kiln, you can choose a polymer clay and simply harden it in your home oven. With these easy-to-follow instructions, you create a simple vase that can be decorated however you like. Give it as a gift or use it yourself. Either way, it's super easy and can be completed in an afternoon.


Things You'll Need

  • Rolling Pin

  • Plastic Knife Without Ridges (Or Other Smooth Cutting Implement)

  • Plastic Or Wood Scraper

  • Clay

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Step 1

Choose a flat, smooth working surface that can be cleaned easily.

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Step 2

Knead a large handful of clay for a few moments until it is soft and pliable.

Step 3

Form the clay into a ball, and flatten slightly.

Step 4

Use the rolling pin to roll the clay to about 1/4 inch thick.

Step 5

Cut a large rectangle out of the clay.

Step 6

Form the rectangle into a cylinder, pinching and smoothing the edges together.


Step 7

Place one hand inside the cylinder, and with the other hand, hold the plastic scraper gently on the outside of the cylinder. Use your hands and the scraper to manipulate the clay into the desired shape. Set aside.

Step 8

Knead the leftover bits of clay into a ball, and flatten it slightly. Roll the flattened ball to about 1/2 inch thick.


Step 9

Gently set the vase onto the rolled out piece of clay, and cut around the bottom of the vase.

Step 10

Dip your finger in some water, and run it along the bottom edge of the vase. Join the clay piece that you've just cut to the bottom of the vase cylinder by gently pinching and smoothing the clay together at the joint. This will form the base of your vase. This step may take some time.

Step 11

Place the vase into a kiln or oven to harden. When finished, you can glaze, paint or decorate your vase as desired.


Have a bowl of room-temperature water handy to help smooth the clay and to remove excess clay from your hands. Try to keep the mouth of your vase large enough to fit your hand through, in case you need to reshape your vase after attaching the base.