How to Make Colonial Hats for Kids

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Things You'll Need

  • Template for tricorne hat shape

  • Black construction paper

  • Stapler

  • Feather

  • Glue

Tricorne Colonial Hat Template

Kids can make colonial hats very simply by using construction paper, a stapler, a feather and glue. These items make the tricorne colonial hat that was a very popular hat for men during colonial times. Ladies often wore bonnets, hoods or caps. Real colonial hats were made out of beaver skin but could also be made out of wool, cotton and even straw.


Step 1

Print out the provided template in the picture above. You can do this easily by right-clicking on the image and scrolling down to save as. Save the template to your computer then open it in one of the programs you use for photo editing or in MS Paint. Resize the image so that it fits in the center of an 8 inch by 11 inch paper. Print out one copy.


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Step 2

Cut out the template you have just printed. This will be your outline shape for the black construction paper. The template acts as one side of a tricorne colonial hat. You will need three of these shapes cut out of construction paper for each colonial hat per kid. Place the cut out template on one long side of the construction paper. Cut out the shape around the template. Repeat this step on the same construction paper on the other side if there is enough paper to use. This reduces waste.


Step 3

Staple the thin sides of the construction paper cut outs together. You can adjust the head size of the tricorne colonial hat by stapling the thin sides closer together or further apart. The best way to determine this measurement for kids making the colonial hat is to staple the thin sides of the construction paper so that you can stretch it out. Wrap this around the head area before stapling the last thin side in place. You can adjust the size of the hat on the last stapled side.


Step 4

Try on the hat to make sure it fits properly. If it needs to be more snug, you can take it off and fix it by adding a few more staples. Try the hat on again to make sure it fits. It should sit on the head like a triangle. There will be a point in the front and points on the sides with a piece of construction paper flat around the back of the head.


Step 5

Take off the hat and add glue to the end of a feather. Hold this on the inside of a stapled corner point. Some colonial hats had feathers as marks of rank in the colonial army. This also adds an extra flair to tricorne colonial hats for kids. Let the feather dry in place on the hat for 10 to 15 minutes. Once the feather is dry, your colonial hat will be ready to wear.


Staple only two sides and wrap around the head before stapling the last side to get an accurate head measurement.


Let glue dry before wearing the hat!


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