How to Make Costume Pirate Boots

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Things You'll Need

  • 1/4 yard extra-stiff interfacing

  • Scissors

  • Measuring tape

  • Ballet flats or slippers

  • Nylon knee-high socks

  • Brown or black duct tape

  • Surgical scissors (optional)

  • Pen

  • Hole punch

  • 3 yards shoelaces in coordinating color

If it's a pirate's life you seek, craft a pair of DIY pirate boots from a roll of duct tape for your pirate costume. In an afternoon you can create custom boots with minimal supplies that will have you ready to sail the open seas.


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Take Your Measurements for the DIY Pirate Boots

Measure the circumference of your calf with the measuring tape. Draw a slightly arched line on the interfacing that is the length of your calf measurement. Measure 4 inches below it and make a similar arc that is 2 inches shorter than the one above it. Connect the sides. You will have a rounded trapezoid-like shape. This will be your cuff. You will cut two of these.


Tape the Cuffs

Cover the two cuffs with duct tape. Wrap both sides with tape, leaving a 1/2 inch of tape hanging off of the end with the smaller curve. Do this for both pieces. Set the cuffs aside.

Put On the Slippers

Put on a pair of non-bulky slippers. Females can use slim ballet flats or similar shoes.


Pull on the Socks

Slip a pair of nylon socks over the slippers or shoes. These will not be salvageable so you should either use old socks or purchase them for this specific purpose. Pull the sock up until it is a few inches below your knee.

Secure the Cuffs With Tape

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Take one of the cuffs and center the piece of tape that is hanging off the bottom with the back of your calf. You are going to line up the tape with the top of the sock so the cuff is standing up around your calf. Once it is centered, stick the tape to the sock. Wrap pieces of duct tape around the top of the sock to secure the cuff. Do this for the other leg as well. When the boots are finished, you will fold the cuff down.


Tape the Socks

Cut 10-inch pieces of duct tape and wrap them around the sock. Start at the top of your leg where you secured the cuff and wrap towards your foot. Wrap as if you are wrapping a bandage for an injury. Cover the sock completely. Go back to the top and add another layer for stability. Do this for both boots.

Cut off the Boot

Take the surgical scissors and carefully cut the boot off. Start at the top edge. Place the scissors in the center and carefully snip until you are at the base of your toes or at the beginning of your footwear. You will need to slip your foot out of your slipper or shoe and then gently work it out of the boot. Repeat for the other boot.


Reinforce the Seam

Place a piece of tape on the inside of the boot to reinforce the seam that attaches the cuff to the top of the boot.

Finish the Edge

Place a strip of tape along the edges you cut to open the boots. This will finish the edge. Do this for each of the four edges of your DIY pirate boots.


Measure and Mark

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Measure and mark where you would like to make the holes for the shoelaces. You will need to make them even on each side. Typically there will be seven evenly spaced on each side of the boot. Punch the holes after you have marked them.


Lace the Boot

Lace the shoelace through the DIY pirate boot.


Surgical scissors are slanted and will provide you a better angle to cut the boot off.


If working with children, use extreme caution when snipping the boot open.