How to Draw a Wheeping Willow Tree

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Draw a Wheeping Willow Tree

The weeping willow tree is one of the most expressive trees around. Because of its droopy shape and long leaves that sometimes touch the ground, it looks like it is crying, or "weeping." Because this tree is so different than other trees, it can be somewhat tricky to draw. Using basic shapes and lines, you can draw a very expressive sketch of a weeping willow tree.


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Step 1

Start with the gesture line of the tree trunk and the main branches.

Step 2

Draw the general main shape of the tree.


Step 3

Darken the trunk and add other branches to build the leaves on. Separate bunches of leaves by drawing in light lines per section. Draw a few lines down to show how low the leaves will droop.


Step 4

Keep drawing lines down from the separate leaf sections. The more lines drawn will create a shadow effect, so create more lines toward the bottom and center of the leaves. Draw a shadow at the base of the tree. You are done!


Using colored pencils, you can use the same technique, but switch colors when you are drawing the trunk and the leaves. Use a lighter shade for the top of the tree, and gradually darker shades of green at the bottom.