Easily Clean Melted Plastic Off a Stovetop Burner Tutorial

Have you ever accidentally placed plastic on your stovetop while it was still warm? Unfortunately it's a common kitchen mishap. But, no worries! Although this may seem like a major catastrophe, it's actually pretty easy to fix! This tutorial will show you how to clean melted plastic off a stovetop burner, and will have your melted mess cleaned up in minutes.

(Image: Jessica Kielman)

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How to Clean Melted Plastic from the Stove

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Posted by eHow on Saturday, March 11, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Baking soda
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Scrubber sponge

Step 1: Let your stovetop cool completely.

Do not try to remove the plastic while your stovetop is still warm. It will only result in a bigger mess and you risk burning yourself as well.

(Image: Jessica Kielman)

Step 2: Start by covering the melted plastic with baking soda.

(Image: Jessica Kielman)

Step 3: Next, spray liberally with white vinegar.

(Image: Jessica Kielman)

Step 4: Let the mixture bubble for about 30 seconds.

This will help lift the melted plastic off of the stovetop.

(Image: Jessica Kielman)

Step 5: Use a scrubber sponge to remove any stuck on plastic.

(Image: Jessica Kielman)

Step 6: Remove and discard plastic.

(Image: Jessica Kielman)

Step 7: Use a clean cloth to wipe away excess mess.

(Image: Jessica Kielman)
(Image: Jessica Kielman)
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