How to Find a Leprechaun

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Leprechauns are shoemakers.

Leprechauns are Irish fairies, and each one guards a pot of ancient gold. If you find and catch a leprechaun, he has to give you his pot of gold. Leprechauns are hard to find though, and once you find them, they are very tricky. To find a leprechaun you need to know as much about them as possible. If you do find a leprechaun, be sure to keep your eyes on him until you have the pot of gold because they are very cunning.


Step 1

The name "leprechaun" is derived from an Irish term that means shoemaker. Look for small men wearing leather shoemaker aprons and cocked hats.

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Step 2

To find a leprechaun you must look low to the ground. Full grown leprechauns are about two feet tall.


Step 3

Leprechauns tend to be grouchy, so look for small men that appear to be very grumpy. They also tend to be quite unfriendly. This is probably because humans are always trying to catch them and claim their gold.

Step 4

Leprechauns have been around for a very long time, so most of them are very old. Be on the look out for small, grumpy, and old men.


Step 5

Leprechauns enjoy their liquor and are frequently intoxicated, so if you see a small, grumpy, old, and drunk man, he may be a leprechaun.

Step 6

If you really want to find a leprechaun, you should always listen for the sound of a small hammer tapping. Since leprechauns are shoemakers, they spend quite a bit of time making shoes and tapping in shoe nails.


Step 7

Leprechauns may make shoes during the day, but during the night they really like to have a good time. Leprechauns have been know to harness animals and ride them around during the night, so if you see a dog, goat, sheep, or chicken running around at night, check to see if there is a leprechaun on its back.



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