How to Make a Paper Chef Hat

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Things You'll Need

  • 9 sheets of standard printer paper (8-1/2 x 11)

  • Clear cellophane tape

  • Stiff card stock or poster board

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

  • Fabric tape measure

Little chefs in big hats.

In a professional kitchen, the tallest hat indicates the person in charge. Next time your child wants to help in the kitchen, put them in charge with this fanciful, yet super simple chef's hat. It takes just a few minutes of folding and taping and you more than likely already have everything you need to make one!


Step 1

Chef's hat materials.

A few sheets of paper and a little time will put your little one in charge of all your Michelin stars. Please see the last slide for an itemized list of tools and materials.


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Step 2

1/2 inch and 1-1/4 inches gauges.

Cut a piece of card stock 1/2 inch by 11 inches and another 1 1/4 inches by 11 inches. These will be your measuring guides to make the pleated section of the hat.


Step 3

Start with 1/2 inch fold.

Align the half-inch guide at the bottom of a piece of printer paper. Keep the guide from shifting while you fold the paper over the guide and crease the paper.


Step 4

Alternate folds creating pleats.

Place the 1 1/4 inches guide on the paper, aligned with the crease you just finished. Keep the guide from shifting while you fold the paper over the guide. Repeat the alternating folds across the entire sheet of paper. The sheet should begin with a half-inch tab and end with 1 1/4 inches after the last half-inch fold. Don't worry if there's a fraction more or less on the last pleat.


Step 5

Make several pleated sheets.

You'll need several sheets folded this way. Four sheets will be enough for small children, for tweens you'll need five, for teens and adults, make five or six.



Step 6

Tape sheets together.

Align the sheets with the pleats all facing the same direction. Tape the half-inch tab of the first sheet to the 1 1/4 inches tab of the second. Repeat, forming a continuous pleated strip.


Step 7

Double fold to create cuff.

Tape two pieces of paper end to end with an overlap of one inch, resulting in a piece of paper 8 1/2 inches by 21 inches (larger hats will need a third piece of paper). Use the folding guide to mark 1 1/4 inches along the long edge of the paper and fold along the line. Fold over again, forming a cuff for the brim of the hat.


Step 8

Tape pleats to brim.

Turn the piece over, measure and mark 1 1/4 inches along the opposite edge. Place the pleated paper along the mark and tape it down securely.

Step 9

Measure, add one inch and cut material.

Measure around your child's head with the fabric tape measure. Add one inch. Measure the hat material to the calculated length and cut.

Step 10

Tape together and you're done!

Bring the two ends together with an overlap of one inch and tape. Try the hat on your little chef and adjust as needed.


Supervise children when using scissors.


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