How to Clean Emu Boots

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Emu Boots

If you find you need to clean Emu Boots, you might be a little frustrated. These popular sheepskin beauties (no, they are not made from Emus!!) are a winter staple of cold climates. If you frequently walk in mud or on salted sidewalks, you may find your footwear doesn't look as crisp and new as it did when you brought it home from the store. But don't distress, read on and discover an easy method to getting clean Emu boots.


Things You'll Need

  • sheepskin footwear

  • soft-bristled brush

  • sponge or soft cloth

  • Emu spot eraser

  • Manufacturer's recommended cleaner

  • manufacturer's recommended stain repellent

Step 1

Use a soft-bristled brush and brush away loose dirt and debris. This is the first and most important step to getting clean Emu boots.


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Step 2

For stubborn spots and stains, try a spot eraser. It is available from retailers that sell these sheepskin products. After you use the spot eraser, go back over the area with the brush to further clean the Emu Boots.


Step 3

To clean Emu boots that are really soiled, use cold water on a clean sponge or cloth and wet the entire boot. Do not soak it!


Step 4


Apply a small amount of cleaner and conditioner recommended by the manufacturer (see resource below) to a clean sponge or soft brush. Scrub lightly entire area to clean Emu Boots.


Step 5

L-Rinsed; R-Not rinsed

Rinse in cold water and place your clean Emu Boots in a warm place to dry slowly. Do not try to blow them dry. Do not put them in an electric dryer.



Step 6

Place a piece of cardboard or crumpled newspapers inside to help shape them while they dry.


Step 7

When completely dry, lightly brush your clean Emu boots to freshen the nap and give them that new, shoe store glow.


Step 8

Condition and protect them with the manufacturer's recommended stain and water repellent product. Let them dry thoroughly after conditioning before wearing outside.


Do not be alarmed by the sight of your clean Emu Boots after rinsing. The sheepskin will naturally soak up some of the water, but they will dry and return to their normal color. Be patient. (See image in Step 5) If you spill something like cola or tea on them, try a spot clean first. If that doesn't work, you may have to take them to a shop that specializes in cleaning sheepskin products.


Do not use harsh chemicals to clean Emu boots. It is best to stick with the products recommended by the manufacturer. Do not place them in the washer or dryer.



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