How to Make Seven Layer Taco Dip

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Things You'll Need

  • Tomato

  • Colored bell peppers, green, yellow and orange

  • Green onions

  • Lettuce

  • 6 oz. black olives

  • Taco seasoning

  • 1 lb. ground beef

  • 8 oz. softened cream cheese

  • 16 oz. sour cream

  • 16 oz. salsa

  • 2 cups shredded taco cheese

  • Knife

  • Pan

  • Water

  • Spoon

  • Serving dish

  • Tortilla chips

A seven layer taco dip offers your guests all the flavor of a taco in a snack form. Many of the ingredients used in the recipe are the same as you would use if you were making tacos; however, some of them are a little different. Because many of the ingredients are the same, it serves as an alternative to serving tacos when your party doesn't require a meal, just snacks.


Step 1

Brown ground beef. Add 1 cup water and taco seasoning. Simmer 10 minutes until water evaporates.

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Step 2

Prepare the vegetables. Chop up the tomato, bell peppers and green onions with the knife. Shred the lettuce. Slice some of the black olives. Set them aside to use when you put the seven layer taco dip together.


Step 3

Spread ground beef mixture onto the bottom of the serving dish to create your first layer.


Step 4

Combine the sour cream and cream cheese together, mixing until well-blended. Layer this mixture onto the top of the ground beef for the second layer.


Step 5

Pour the salsa over the second layer to create the third layer.



Step 6

Layer the vegetables one at a time onto the top of the salsa. Begin with the tomato, followed by the colored bell peppers. Then place the green onions, followed by the lettuce.


Step 7

Sprinkle the top layer with the shredded taco cheese.


Step 8

Add the sliced black olives to the top of the cheese for flavor and for show and top with a dollop of sour cream. Serve with tortilla chips.


Don't worry about creating perfect layers. Your guests will mix it up when they serve themselves.


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