How to Throw a Friday the 13th Party

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If you ever feel like spitting in the face of superstition and laughing at bad luck, throwing a party on the unluckiest day of the year may be the perfect way to do so. A party on Friday the 13th is fun for people of all ages who dare to tempt fate and prove once and for all that they are not superstitious in the slightest.


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Step 1

Invite the proper number of guests. You want to invite 12 people so that, including you, there will be 13 people in attendance. If you know anyone who was actually born on a Friday the 13th, make that person the guest of honor.


Step 2

Decorate your house appropriately. Place a ladder inside the doorway so people have to walk under it to enter. Paint cracks on the walkway so no one can make it to the house without stepping on one. Remove wood furniture from the house so there will be nothing for people to knock on. If you have a black cat, let it run around the house for the whole party.


Step 3

Serve "unlucky foods" at the party. Anything white, like eggs or white cheese, is perfect because white is a Chinese symbol of death. Of course, make sure there are no black-eyed peas on your table, which are considered to be a good-luck rather than a bad-luck food.


Step 4

Play games that poke fun at superstitions. Toss mirrors at one another, moving further away each time to see how far you can go without dropping one. Another one involves seeing how far people can walk across the room with a salt shaker on their heads.


Step 5

Show the Shakespeare tragedy "Macbeth" during the party, which is considered by some to be the unluckiest play ever. The Macbeth character is believed to be the unluckiest protagonist created by Shakespeare. If any of your guests are actors, stage an actual scene. Or find a copy of the play on DVD and have a showing. Always call it by the name "Macbeth" (instead of "the Scottish Tragedy") because that's what supposedly causes bad luck.


Step 6

Poke fun at lucky charms by mentioning all of the poor animals who have to suffer for people's good luck. Point out all the horses who must go barefoot or all the rabbits that are limping around on three legs or fewer.


Since left is the supposed evil or unlucky side, inviting many left-handed guests to the party is also a nice touch.