How to Make a Daniel in the Lion's Den Craft

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Things You'll Need

  • White construction paper (one for each child)

  • Pre-cut face of a lion (one for each child)

  • Glue sticks (one for each child)

  • Yellow and orange yarn cut into 1-inch pieces

Use a craft to help children remember the story of Daniel in the lion's den.

Daniel in the lion's den is a frequent Bible story used in preschool Sunday School classes. Give preschoolers a hands-on project to help them remember how God protected Daniel from the lions. As the preschoolers work on this craft, remind them that God will protect them, just like He protected Daniel.


Step 1

Find a clipart picture of a lion face. Make one copy of the lion face for each child. Cut out the lion face. Give each child a piece of white paper and pre-cut lion face.

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Step 2

Give each child a glue stick. Let the children glue the lion's face onto the white paper.

Step 3

Pre-cut pieces of yellow and orange yarn before class. Give the children the yellow and orange pieces of yarn. Let the children glue the yarn around the lion's face to look like the lion's mane.


Be careful with scissors around small children.


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