How to Draw Liquid Out of Carpeting

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Things You'll Need

  • Clean, white towels

  • Heavy book

  • Plastic wrap

  • Brick or rocks

  • Vacuum cleaner

After removing a stain from carpeting, it's often advised to rinse the area with clear water. However, this moisture can cause mildew and staining if it's not properly soaked up. It can be difficult to get water out of carpeting, with its deep fibers and thick pad, but this method applies weight to the area to soak up any straggling moisture.


Step 1

Fold a clean, white towel into quarters. Place the towel on top of the water and stand on it, in bare feet, to soak up the liquid. Flip the towel over and repeat until the area feels mostly dry to the touch.

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Step 2

Wrap a large, heavy book (such as a dictionary) in plastic wrap to keep the water from damaging the cover. Fold two towels into quarters and place the towels on the wet spot. Put the book on top of the towels and place the brick or rocks on top of the book to make sure the pressure is even. Leave the book on the spot overnight, or for at least eight hours.


Step 3

Remove the book and towels from the area. Feel the spot for moisture. If it still feels a bit damp, fold a new towel into quarters and walk on the area again.

Step 4

Vacuum the dry area to fluff the carpet fibers and draw out any remaining moisture.


White towels are recommended to prevent color bleeding onto light-colored carpets. If the carpet is dark, a colored towel may be appropriate. If the carpet is light and white towels are not available, use wads of white paper towels instead.


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