How to Make the Sunday School Game David vs. Goliath

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Things You'll Need

  • Stone, gems or glass pebbles

  • 2 Large popsicle sticks

  • Permanent marker or alphabet stamps

  • Container for game

Make the Sunday School Game David vs. Goliath

This craft was originally created for a Sunday School Preschool craft project based upon the theme of David versus Goliath. The materials are very flexible meaning you could choose from a number of different options and still have successful results. This is a two-player game that is small and portable. Small children can construct this project with a bit of adult supervision. The act of playing the game mimics the trial, determination and focus that the biblical story shares.

Step 1

Create the game pieces, you will need five each of two different colors of glass stones and one of a third color. The one separate stone is called Goliath. You could also create the game pieces out of air-dry clay or paint found stones. While many other materials exist that could be used for game pieces, the concept of using a stone relates to the Bible story.

Step 2

Use remnant fabric to sew a simple drawstring bag. Cut out a long rectangular piece of fabric. Along each short end, fold and stitch a seam, leaving space for the string to travel through. Placing the right sides of the fabric together, stitch up the long sides of the bag. Be careful not to sew the drawstring area. Turn the fabric right side out and thread a string through the top folds. Tie a knot at the end of the string. The string and bag relate to the bible story and mimic the slingshot David used. However, a paper bag or Chinese food container could work as well.

Step 3

Stamp or write the word "DAVID" on the Popsicle stick, the stick could be replaced with a piece of card stock. Leave enough space between the letters so that when covered with a game piece, there is enough room for all five pieces to be placed on the stick.

Step 4

Place into the game bag; eleven stones, the two Popsicle sticks and the game instruction sheet.

Step 5

Place a board in front of each play to start game-play.

Step 6

Choose a player to go first, player one takes a turn. Choose a stone from the bag without looking. The color of the stone chosen determines the color you will play for. Place this stone on the letter D on the board in front of you.

Step 7

Take turns playing. Now player two takes a turn. If the stone is the color of player one, put it back. If the stone is a different color, place it on your board.

Step 8

Choose the Goliath stone. This creates drama in the game. It is placed back in the bag along with one of the stones from your board. If you have no stones on the board, just put the Goliath stone back and it is your opponents turn.

Step 9

Fill in the DAVID board. Doing so first earns the position of winner.


Reference Bible verse: I Samuel 17. Include an instruction sheet if you are giving this game away.