How to fix Your Turn Signal in a Mitsubishi Galant

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Things You'll Need

  • Replacement turn signal flasher

  • Bulbs

How to fix Your Turn Signal in a Mitsubishi Galant. Repairing a turn signal circuit on a Mitsubishi Galant is not a difficult task. The simplest possible problem is a blown fuse. The next part of the system to explore is the flasher. When it goes bad, the turn signals will either not blink or they will blink faster than normal. This symptom should cause you to suspect the flasher is going bad.

Step 1

Check out the turn signal bulbs. Turn them on, go around the car and see which ones light up. If this doesn't work, turn on the hazard lights and look at each of the lights, noting any that don't light up. Replace any bulbs you found not lighting. A burned out bulb is often enough to make the whole system mimic a flasher problem.

Step 2

Lie down in the floorboard of the driver's side of the car and look up under the dash with a flashlight. You are looking for a small silver plug. This is the flasher. To make sure you have the right flasher, turn on the turn signal and feel the casing of the flasher. You should be able to feel it clicking.

Step 3

Remove the silver plug and replace it with the new flasher. Slide out from the floorboard and start the Galant. Recheck the turn signals and make sure that they flash, as they should.

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