How to Tie a String Bow

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Tie a String Bow

Bow tying is one of those skills that is learned at a relatively young age. Young children typically learn to tie bows because they need to tie their shoelaces. Some people in the business of arts and crafts have made bow tying into an art form due to their ability to tie beautiful and perfect-looking bows. A regular string bow, however, is possibly one of the easiest bows to tie.


Step 1

Lay the string flat on a stable surface, or wrapped around an object that you'd like to tie a bow on.

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Step 2

Take the string from its opposite ends and cross them over each other. Circle one end of the string under the other.


Step 3

Loop both ends of the string. Create these loops by curling the opposite end of the string down towards the area where the string's ends have crossed in Step 2.

Step 4

Cross the two loops together, inserting one loop through the hole between the two loops and pull tightly. Another option is to only make one loop, then twist the other end of the string around the loop, slide it through the hole between them and pull tightly.

Step 5

Pull and adjust the loops and ends until they are the same length and size.


Practice tying a string bow on different objects such as books, poles and even balls.


Don't use string that is too thin or fine.


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