How to Clean Magnalite Cookware

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Things You'll Need

  • Magnalite cookware

  • Warm water

  • Regular dish soap

  • Soft toothbrush

  • Sponge without scrubbers

  • Regular bleach

Magnalite cookware is a high quality cookware that requires proper maintenance and cleaning to ensure it keeps its durable finish. These unique pots and pans are a mix aluminum and magnesium alloy, and require special treatment to keep them looking their best. Harsh chemicals, scratch pads and machine washing should never be used with Magnalite cookware. Your cookware should be cleaned thoroughly after each use, and should be sanitized at least once per week.


Step 1

Hold the Magnalite cookware under warm running water to loosen any debris that may be on it.

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Step 2

Massage some regular dish soap with no added chemicals onto the cookware. Work the soap into the pot or pan with your hand, and let it sit for a minute or two.

Step 3

Use a soft bristled toothbrush or a sponge without scrubbers on it. You should never use a scratch pad or other harsh object on your Magnalite cookware as that could damage the surface coating.

Step 4

Soak the pot or pan in warm soapy water for a while if there is still excessive food debris stuck to the bottom of your cookware.


Step 5

Rinse the cookware under warm water to remove all traces of the dish soap. If you allow the dish soap to dry on the pot or pan, it could damage the material of the cookware.

Step 6

Place 2 teaspoons of regular unscented bleach into 2 gallons of warm water and soak your Magnalite cookware in this solution for 1 minute. This will sanitize your cookware much the same way a dishwasher usually sanitizes dishes. Since you are not allowed to place your Magnalite cookware into the dishwasher, this is a safe way to sanitize your cookware.


Wear gloves when handling bleach. Wash your Magnalite cookware after each use, and sanitize it with a bleach mixture once a week.


Do not use scrub pads or any other harsh objects to scratch the surface of your Magnalite cookware.


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