How to Make Hogarth Flower Arrangements

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Things You'll Need

  • Pedestal or flat container

  • Floral foam

  • Line greenery, cedar, eucalyptus or fern for example

  • Fresh flowers

  • Floral shears

Hogarth Arrangement Garden Flowers

William Hogarth, an English, painter introduced designs that had curves like an S, often called the lazy S. These minimal arrangements are some of the most complex floral pieces to make. They are based on the subtle S curve and use a small amount of greenery and flowers. Some are nearly all flowers. You can use many kinds of flowers and natural elements in a Hogarth Arrangement. The modern day Hogarth Floral Arrangement may have very few components. The most important thing is to capture the S curve and keep the materials to a minimum.Garden flowers in particular are a tribute to the artist.


Step 1

Prepare container with floral foam. The foam should rise no higher than an inch above the rim if at all. Make sure it is secure. Use waterproof tape if needed. Soak foam with water if the flowers are fresh.


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Step 2

Chose very fresh greenery that has a curve or can be curved with your hands. Bend slowly and carefully to keep from breaking. Notice that the highest greenery piece curves slightly down from it's highest point.


Step 3

Place the second piece of greenery securely into the foam on the opposite side of the container. It must curve downward. Step back and 'eye' the greenery. Do you see a subtle 'S' curve flowing from the highest point to the lowest? Keep manipulating the greenery or flowers if you chose to use them until you can see that Hogarth 'S' curve.


Step 4

Phlox mass flowers

Add mass flowers at the meeting point between the high and low main pieces of greenery. This should flow over the rim of the container causing all components to blend together.


Step 5

Queen Anne's Lace

Start adding in line flowers that compliment the arrangement. Remember to keep them within the 'S' curve area in the arrangement.


Step 6

Finish placing the remainder of the flowers. Keep checking that the Hogarth flower arrangement curve is dominant. Trim away any greenery or leaves that look out of place.


Wire can be used to bend the flowers or greenery into the Hogarth 'S' curve. Be sure no wires show at all.


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