How to Cut Vinyl Siding

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Things You'll Need

  • Ruler or tape measure

  • Vinyl siding

  • Pencil

  • Paper

  • Handsaw, utility knife, tin snips, miter saw or circular saw

Vinyl siding can be found on millions of homes around the world. Since the material was first used it has become one of the more popular options to cover the exterior walls of a building. When the vinyl becomes damaged in any way though you may need to replace it and part of the replacement process involves cutting the new vinyl pieces. To cut vinyl siding you just need to mark the places where you need to cut and start cutting.


Step 1

Measure the place where you want to put the vinyl siding using a ruler if the area is smaller or a tape measure if you need a larger piece. The vinyl is much easier to cut if you do it before trying to install it or before you put it in place.

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Step 2

Place the vinyl siding on a flat surface because this makes it easier to cut. If you try to cut the siding on an uneven surface, it might wobble and you can easily cut yourself or cut an uneven line on the vinyl.

Step 3

Mark your measurements down carefully on the vinyl siding with a pencil. The pencil marks easily rub off or will wash off after the first rain. Double check your measurements before you start cutting to make sure you have the right size piece.

Step 4

Cut the vinyl siding using a handsaw, utility knife or tin snips with large blades. There are a number of different tools you can use to actually cut the vinyl siding, depending on your preference. You can even use a miter saw or a circular saw.


Step 5

Follow the measurements you made earlier to make any cuts in the vinyl siding that you need using the tool you chose earlier. It's easy to cut vinyl siding with any of the tools described here and it only takes a few minutes to actually cut the siding once you've made you marks.


Make sure you check and recheck your measurements before you start cutting. It can be quite expensive to buy new siding if you make a mistake cutting.


Always use extreme caution whenever you cut with a tool, especially if you choose a power tool and wear gloves if it makes you more comfortable. If your hand slips even once you might hurt yourself.


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