How to Get Deodorant off Clothes

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Get Deodorant off Clothes

How to Get Deodorant off Clothes. We have all been in that situation when you notice embarrassing deodorant stains on your clothes. Washing if off with water, or trying to rub it off with a towel usually does not work and often makes the stain worse by working it into the fabric.


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Step 1

Dampen a paper towel slightly and then squirt some liquid soap on it. Either dish soap or hand washing soap works fine. Dab at the deodorant stain lightly using a scraping motion, but do not rub.

Step 2

Rub the deodorant lightly and quickly using a pair of pantyhose or a knee high stocking. Allow the deodorant to dry first and then hold the material taut. Gently but briskly rub the stain away.

Step 3

Purchase a Gal Pal deodorant remover and keep it in your purse, desk drawer or glove compartment or your car. In two or three swipes from this dry sponged marketed specifically for removing deodorant from clothes and the stain is completely gone.


Step 4

Spray the stain with a stain remover and allow it to sit overnight to thoroughly soak into the fabric. Wash the clothes in the morning using warm water and a color safe bleach.


To avoid getting deodorant stains on your clothes, fold the bottom couple of inches of your shirt or six inches of your dress up before putting it over your head. This prevents the material from bunching under your arms and streaking the deodorant. If it does get on your clothes it is on the inside where it is less noticeable. Use a clear based deodorant instead of a white creamy one to minimize the visibility of the stains if they do occur.