How to Make a Leatherface Mask

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Things You'll Need

  • Leather pieces

  • Scissors

  • Awl

  • Leather cording

  • Fabric or wig

  • Needle and thread

How to Make a Leatherface Mask. If you want to attend a Halloween party or costume event as a villain from a classic slasher film, go as one of the originals-Leatherface from the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" franchise. Because his mask is crudely constructed, it will be easy to make your version look authentic.


Step 1

Gather several scraps of flesh-colored leather or paint and stain white leather since Leatherface created his mask in the movies with pieces of human flesh. (See Resources)

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Step 2

Place the scraps on different parts of your face to determine where they'll fit best. As you piece them together, use scissors to create large holes for your eyes and mouth. Although Leatherface's nose is supposed to be covered, be sure to make ample holes beneath it so you can breathe freely.


Step 3

Use an awl to carefully punch holes along the edges of the leather where you'd like to stitch them together. It's okay if the holes don't match up precisely since the completed project should look slightly sloppy.

Step 4

Stitch the pieces together by weaving brown leather cording through the holes. Pull some stitches tighter than others to increase the disfigured look.


Step 5

Sew a lightweight piece of fabric to the outside edges of the mask to make it easy to slip it over your head. Cover the fabric (and the line where it meets the mask) with a brown wig. You can also stitch the mask directly to the wig if it's large enough. Use gel to give the wig a spiky, disheveled look.


Complete the Leatherface look by wearing a dirty button down shirt that will cover the bottom of the mask. Add an apron that coordinates with your mask and a pretend chainsaw or sledgehammer, and you're ready to scare the other party guests.



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