How to Create a Ghost Rider Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Ghost Rider staff

  • black, studded gloves

  • vinyl mask or half-mask

  • fire red, spiky wig

  • black faux leather jacket

  • black pants

  • black sneakers

A Ghost Rider is costume is a great idea for anybody. Little kids love this costume for Halloween, as do many men when faced with a fun masquerade party.

The great thing about this costume is that it can be done with simplicity or with elaborate details to thrill others at a party!


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Below I will show you how to put together the right Ghost Rider costume for you!

How to Create a Ghost Rider Costume

Step 1

Start with your head. No, you don't have to do a lot of thinking! Buy a mask first. Getting the right mask is crucial for your costume, and it shows you whether the costume is right for you! Make sure it fits, purchase it, and now put together your ensemble!


Step 2

Experiment with washable hair dye. Buy a flame red color, the kind that washes right out. Start experimenting at least a week before time to wear your costume. See what kind of flaming styles you can do when you combine the dye with hair spray. Alternatives to this would be buying a flaming red wig, or buy a mask that has flames included at the top.


Step 3

Think black! Your costume is similar to a biker's. If you've used a "Greaser" costume before, or know someone who rides a may be able to beg or borrow most of what you need for the wardrobe part of your costume. Mix and match a black shirt, black faux motorcycle jacket, and black pants.


Step 4

Adorn yourself in accessories. An important touch to your costume would be black gloves with spikes at the sleeves. Watch the movie, and see what inspires you about it. Add your own unique interpretation to the uniform for the best experience.

Step 5

Paint the town, but first yourself. Use face paint to accentuate the mask, and you can use it on your neck as well. Envision the character as you want it to be, and get creative with the paint.


Step 6

Dress up ahead of time to make sure you have everything you need. "Rehearsing" your night in costume can show you what you haven't thought about but need for the character!


Always find out about a return policy of a costume store before purchasing. Some do not accept returns or exchanges. Try to stay true to the spirit of the movie, but make the costume your own creation.


Don't buy any part of a costume until you've definitely decided it is your choice! Don't use any kind of face paints unless you have their original packaging and are assured that they are non-toxic paints.


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