How to Mail Ice Cream

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How to Mail Ice Cream. "I scream, you scream, we all scream for..." how about learning to mail ice cream. Ice cream is such a favorite for many that when you find the perfect one, it would be fun to share it with someone who lives far away. In today's world, shipping ice cream isn't difficult, and with all of the different options it's possible to mail that creamy goodness across the miles.


Step 1

Contact your local United States Postal Service by calling (800) ASK-USPS or another mailing service to ask about their specific regulations on hazardous materials. Although the ice cream certainly isn't hazardous to mail, the dry ice is a "Class 9 Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials." Specific rules apply to ship materials in this class.

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Step 2

Start with a well-insulated cardboard box on all sides. Available in most shipping supply stores, these boxes are better choices to mail ice cream than trying to insulate a standard cardboard box at home, and they cost just about the same as trying to make something yourself.

Step 3

Put dry ice in the insulated box and place the ice cream on top. Surround the ice cream with additional dry ice and seal the box.


Step 4

Mark the box well according to the shipper's specific instructions to mail it and notify the recipient about the shipment so they can properly unpack the contents.

Step 5

Ask the local creamery where the ice cream is from and if they ship their product. Rather than going through the trouble and expense of shipping it yourself, most creameries have procedures in place to distribute by mail to persons all over the world.

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