How to Remove and Clean Pumpkin Seeds

How to Remove and Clean Pumpkin Seeds. As part of a memorable Halloween celebration, don't forget the lowly pumpkin seed. These little guys can add such enjoyment in many ways. They can be roasted, toasted or used as part of your decorations. Removing them carefully and cleaning them well makes for maximum benefit.

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Place the pumpkin in a spot that will be easiest for you to work with. If it's small enough, place it in the kitchen sink. For larger pumpkins, spread newspaper on a table so that you can work comfortably with minimum mess and easy clean-up.

Cut the top out of the pumpkin with a sharp knife or pumpkin-cutter tool. Take the lid out. Pull any seeds off the lid that may be stuck in the pulp fibers. Have a bowl of water handy to place the seeds in as you're removing them.

Use a large metal spoon to remove all of the insides of the pumpkin. Scrape the inside walls of the pumpkin carefully so that you get all of the stringy fibers and pulp. Place the insides you've removed onto newspaper or a large, flat pan.

Separate the seeds from the strings, fiber and pulp with your fingers. Pull the seeds firmly; some may be difficult to untangle from the strings.

Soak the seeds in the bowl of water for several minutes. Take them out of the water and place them in a colander. Hold the colander under warm running water, turning the seeds with your fingertips so that they get completely clean. You may have to rub some of the seeds with your fingers in order to get all of the stringy fibers off.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wash pumpkin seeds soon after removing them from the pumpkin if you don't use the bowl of water. This is so that the stringy fibers don't dry on the seeds, making them harder to clean.
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