How to Celebrate National "Joe" Day

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National Joe Day is an unofficial, obscure yet fun holiday to celebrate each year on March 27. The term comes from the Scottish word "joe," meaning "sweetheart," but has evolved to refer to the working-class everyman. As terms like "average Joe" and "ordinary Joe" came into the vernacular, a Joe came to be known as a regular guy or sometimes the underdog. Take time to celebrate the Joes of the world and have a little fun doing so.


Be Joe for a Day

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A fun, simple way to celebrate National Joe Day is to wear a name tag announcing your name is Joe. This is a surefire way to have conversations about the "holiday" all day long. If you've always wanted the name Joe, March 27 is the perfect day to have it legally changed. Ladies who might be concerned the name Joe is too masculine for them can use names like Jo, Josephine or Joleen. Show solidarity with the Joes of the world by becoming one, if just for one day.


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Get a Cup of Joe

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Joe is a slang word for coffee. Celebrate National Joe Day by treating your coworkers or friends to coffee. If you want to be a selfish Joe, just treat yourself. Consider being a considerate Joe and paying it forward by treating the next person in line to a cup of Joe. Just be sure that when the barista asks for your name, you tell them it's Joe.


Be Joe Cool

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Charles Schultz's comic strip, "Peanuts," popularized the name Joe Cool with a character portrayed by Snoopy. As Joe Cool, Snoopy wore sunglasses and sometimes a leather jacket, walked on two feet, snapped his fingers like a jazz hep cat and had a toothpick hanging from his lips. Adopt this personality for National Joe Day by rocking a dark pair of sunglasses and calling everyone names such as Daddy-O. Adopt a soundtrack of bebop jazz throughout the day. Get in touch with your beatnik or hipster side.


Thank a G.I. Joe

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Government Issue Joe, or G.I. Joe, is a term that became popular during World War II to refer to the average soldier. The phrase has inspired cartoons, toys, comic books and movies. Consider using National Joe Day as inspiration to thank some soldiers for their service. Call your friends and family that have served and thank them. Send a fun gift basket to a local Veteran Affairs hospital. Stop by a Veterans of Foreign War outpost and buy a round of drinks. Use your social media pages to send a thank you message to those who have served in the military. There is never a bad time to show gratitude, and National Joe Day is a good opportunity to do so.


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