How to Fix a Leaking Waterbed

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How to Fix a Leaking Waterbed. Waterbeds were once all the rage and just when it looked like they were all washed up they recently made a comeback. What differentiates a waterbed from a standard mattress is the possibility of leaks. There's no need to throw the entire mattress out or call in a professional. Fixing a leaking waterbed can be simple if you find the leak early and repair it correctly.


Step 1

Find the leak and determine if you can fix it. You may suspect a slow leak if your mattress becomes softer and you get that sinking feeling. A fast leak is more obvious and may be apparent by a fast decline in mattress fullness or wetness.

Step 2

Run your hand along the side of the mattress to find wetness and if needed, lift the corner of the mattress and put pressure on the suspected area to see if a leak is apparent. You may need assistance by someone pulling the mattress up from the opposite side of the bed.


Step 3

Identify the leak location by using a permanent marker to draw a circle around the leak. This helps to make sure you know exactly where the patch needs to go.

Step 4

Get a repair kit that's suitable to fix the leak you have. It's best to seek advice from a reputable waterbed store. Make sure to tell them the size and location of the hole so they can provide the correct kit.

Step 5

Clean the area on the mattress around the leak with alcohol and a cotton ball or follow the manufacturer's directions or use any cleaning products included in your kit.


Step 6

Cut the patch to fit the size of the leak. Instructions in the patch kit will indicate how much of an area you need to leave around the leak, but a standard size is to leave a 2-inch perimeter around the outside of the leak to properly fix it.

Step 7

Apply the adhesive as directed by the kit instructions and place the patch over the leak to fix it. Be careful to press firmly but don't push or lay on the waterbed because this will pop the patch off before it has had a chance to seal. At minimum, avoid pressure for 1 to 2 hours or 24 hours maximum.