How to Convert 1/3 of a Liter to Cups

Determine how many cups are in your 1/3 liter.

Converting measurements such as 1/3 liter to cups is a task common in cooking. If you don't have a conversion calculator or access to the Internet, you need to complete a simple math formula, so that your brownies aren't soggy. A slight error in cooking can ruin all the time you spent on making the perfect dish. A good set of measuring cups with multiple measurements will solve your conversion problems, but who ever said that cooking is easy.

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with what the conversions for whole number measurements are. For example, the approximate cup equivalent of 1 liter is 4.2. A rough estimate rounded to the first decimal place is standard cooking procedure. The actual conversion rate is 4.22675284.

Step 2

Divide 4.2 cups by the same amount (common denominator) as you would divide 1 liter to arrive at 1/3 liter. For example, you would divide 1 liter by three to arrive at 1/3 of a liter. So divide 4.2 cups by the same common denominator of three to arrive at 1.4, or approximately 1 and a 1/2 cups.

Step 3

Note that you can also enter the phrase "1/3 liter to cups" in Google. This acts as a conversion calculator and will give you the exact amount.