How to Make Handkerchief Baby Bonnets

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Things You'll Need

  • White handkerchief

  • White thread

  • Needle

  • Ribbon

  • Ribbon flowers (optional)

Turning a handkerchief into a baby bonnet is a simple and sweet way to create a memorable baby gift. The bonnet can be used as a Christening bonnet or for everyday use. But, when the baby grows into an adult, the stitches can be pulled out and the handkerchief can be used to add a sentimental touch to future special occasions.


Step 1

Iron the handkerchief. You might want to lightly starch it as well. Then place it flat on a table.

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Step 2

Fold the handkerchief back one side about 1 inch. The edge you create with this fold will be the front of the bonnet.


Step 3

Fold the other side back about 3 inches. There will be some space between the edges. This is just a guide. For a somewhat smaller bonnet, the edges can touch. Iron the folded edges.

Step 4

Open the larger fold and place a row of running stitches along the fold line. Knot just one end of the thread. Refold along the pressed line.


Step 5

Mark which side of the folded hanky is to face out. You can do it either way. For a cleaner, simpler look, the outside of the bonnet need not show the edges of the hanky that have been folded in. For a more decorative look, or if you trimmed your hanky with lace, the edges can face out. Lay the hanky flat, with the outside facing up.


Step 6

Fold one of the front, smaller fold corners under slightly so the edge creates a small triangle on the inside of the bonnet. Stitch a piece of ribbon to the inside. Repeat on the other side of the front of the bonnet. The ribbons will allow the bonnet to tie under the baby's chin.

Step 7

Add some decoration, such as a ribbon flower on the outside of the bonnet above where you stitched the ribbon if you like.


Step 8

Hold the back with one hand. Pull the thread in the fold with the other hand. This will gather the back and you will begin to see the recognizable shape of a bonnet.

Step 9

Knot off the ends of the thread when you are happy with the size and shape of the bonnet.


For a fancier bonnet, stitch some lace or ribbon to the edges before folding it.



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