How to Celebrate All Saints Day as a Lutheran

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How to Celebrate All Saints Day as a Lutheran. Although the Lutheran church honors saints, it does not share the Catholic view of a saint's abilities. Lutherans do not believe that saints can receive prayers or intercede for a petitioner because, according to the church, there is no evidence to support this in the scriptures. A saint, in the Lutheran Church, is anyone who believes in Jesus Christ, who tries to live an exemplary life and is an example of what everyone else can aspire to.


Celebrate All Saints Day as a Lutheran

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Step 1

Attend service at a Lutheran church. If All Saints Day, does not fall on a Sunday, most Lutheran churches will celebrate on the Sunday before November 1. If you are unable to go to church, you could conduct your own service at home by going through the readings for the day and singing the hymns.


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Step 2

Learn what it means to be a saint. In every day use, this word is usually applied to the elderly, children who behave well, people who work hard, people who usually have cheerful dispositions and, in the Catholic Church, those canonized by the Pope. The Lutheran Church considers all who believe in Jesus Christ, both living and dead, to be saints.


Step 3

Remember those who passed away after the last All Saints Day celebration.

Step 4

Aspire to be saintly. The church encourages members to examine the lives of saints who have passed away in order to learn from them. The amount of faith a person has usually determines how they deal with situations and people and also determines how they live their lives.


Step 5

Spend the day in quiet reflection. Members of the Lutheran church usually spend the day thinking about friends and relatives, both deceased and living, and being thankful to God for them.

Step 6

Explain to children the meaning and importance of All Saints Day as a Lutheran. Perform activities with them to help them understand the significance of this day. For instance, sing hymns and read stories of people in the Bible and tell stories about people you know who are good examples of saints according to Lutheran beliefs.


Step 7

Celebrate the day by sharing a meal with family and friends. Taking time to connect with loved ones is in keeping with the message of the day.


Make your celebration different by incorporating traditions from other parts of the world. For instance, try serving food used to celebrate All Saints Day in other countries.