How to Play Blind Man's Bluff

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Things You'll Need

  • Three or more players

  • Blindfold

How to Play Blind Man's Bluff. A traditional children's game, Blind Man's Bluff is just as fun when played with the whole family. With as few as three players and as many as you like, you can put your sense of hearing to the test to win this game.

Play Blind Man's Bluff

Step 1

Select one player as the blind man and have this person put on the blindfold while he is standing in the center of the room or area of play.

Step 2

Spin the blind man around a couple of times so that she becomes disoriented. You can also ask that she counts to 100 to give the other players time to move away and hide.

Step 3

Make sure the other players stop where they are when the blind man stops counting. They must stay in this position until the end of the game.

Step 4

Yell out "Blind man's..." if you are the blind man. The other players will respond "Bluff" to your call.

Step 5

Use these verbal clues to find the other players in the game. As you tag each, they will be eliminated from the game.

Step 6

Continue finding the other players until everyone has been found. The waiting players must stay in the same spot, but they may move their upper bodies to avoid being tagged by the blind man.

Step 7

Play smart and disguise your voice when you say "Bluff" so that the blind man can't find you.

Step 8

Try another variation of Blind Man's Bluff by eliminating the verbal clues. Players still disperse and stand still but the blind man must find them by feeling around for them. Try to keep from giggling or you may reveal your position!

Step 9

Keep cool on a summer's day by playing Blind Man's Bluff in the pool. In this variation, sometimes called "Marco Polo," the blind man need not be blindfolded but may simply cover his eyes and keep them closed as he yells out verbal cues for the other players.

Step 10

Make the game more interesting by allowing players to move at intervals throughout the game. This way, the blind man will be even more stumped as to the location of the other players in the playing area and the hunt can last even longer!


It's best to play this game on a flat, even surface in a wide open space. Clear away any tripping hazards before the game begins to avoid injury to the "blind man" or other players.