How to keep your Christmas tree alive

Pick the freshest tree- pick off a needle and smell it to see how fresh the tree is. If the smell is pungent the tree is in good shape.

Purchase the tree and ask for a fresh cut. Make sure they take off a good two inches off the bottom of the trunk.

Once the tree is home immediately take a hand drill and drill four holes up the bottom of the trunk.

Place tree outside in the tree stand with water.

Hose off the tree with fresh water to allow the tree to take in more water.

Check the water every 2 to 3 hours the first day your bring the tree home. The tree with rapidly consume water in the first two days.

Leave the tree outside for 2 days after bringing home, always check the water level.

Bring the tree in to decorate, and continue to check the water once a day for the remainder of the time you have the tree in the house.