How to Repair Baskets

Things You'll Need

  • Basket Ears

  • Basket Handles

  • Basket Reeds

  • Basket Stains

  • Old Scissors

  • Wire Cutters

  • Wire cutters

Repair Baskets

How to Repair Baskets. Make minor repairs to your baskets or flea-market finds with very little cost or time.

Replace Weavers

Step 1

Cut out the damaged area if possible. Carefully remove one small area of damage at a time and only remove what you have to.

Step 2

Dye new reed to match the basket. For a natural, aged look, try a stain of strong coffee or tea.

Step 3

Replace the area with the new reed by starting your weavers about 2 or 3 inches over the old weavers in the basket.

Step 4

Weave over the damaged area, and continue weaving over to the other side, and overlap the old reed by 2 or 3 inches.

Replace Ribs

Step 1

Cut another rib approximately 4 inches longer than the damaged rib.

Step 2

Place the new rib alongside the old rib.

Repair a Cracked Handle

Step 1

Use a flat reed that is as wide (or as close as possible) as the handle.

Step 2

Cut two pieces of reed, each as long as the handle.

Step 3

Lay on piece along the top and the other along the underside of the handle from one side of the basket to the other side.

Step 4

Begin on one side and wrap a ¼-inch flat reed tightly around the handle until you get to the other side.

Step 5

Tie off: Leave the last two wraps loose, slide the tail of reed under them, tighten the loops, pull the tail tight, and clip any leftover tail.


This will not repair your basket well enough to use as a carrying basket, but you can use it for display. If you can't repair the handle by wrapping, then cut the handle off even with the top of the basket, and stain the cut area to match the basket.