How to Make a Snowman Out of a Tomato Cage

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A snowman is a jolly decoration to have during the holidays. But even if the sun is shining and the temperature is 80 degrees outside, you can still have a snowman in the front yard, thanks to a handy tomato cage serving as its foundation. Or is it the magic of his old top hat that makes him alive as he can be?

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Things You'll Need

  • 54-inch tomato cage

  • 12-inch round paper lantern

  • Tissue paper

  • Duct tape

  • King size white sheet

  • White ribbon

  • Black felt

  • Scissors

  • Orange felt

  • Black buttons

  • Green felt

  • Branches

  • String

  • Scarf

  • Top hat

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Step 1: Attach the Head to the Body

The foundation of the snowman's body is a 54-inch tomato cage. Tomato cages are tall, cone-shaped wire structures sold at nurseries. You can also select a shorter tomato cage to make a smaller snowman. For the head, we'll use a 12-inch round paper lantern, which you can find at a party supply store. Position the tomato cage so the loose spokes are on top, and the large round wire circle is at the bottom. (It will look like a Christmas tree.) Attach the head to the body, sliding the spokes of the tomato cage into the bottom opening in the paper lantern.

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Step 2: Fatten the Snowman

To build the snowman's rotund shape, ball up tissue paper and attach the lumps around the tomato cage with duct tape. You can also use newspaper or butcher paper.

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Create one plumped up section for the torso, and then another one for the lower half of the body that is slightly thicker.

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Step 3: Cover With a Sheet

Cover the entire snowman foundation with a white, king-sized sheet. It will look like a ghost, but don't worry. When we're through he will be a bonafide snowman.

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Step 4: Cinch the Neck and Waist

To delineate the neck and waist of the snowman, tie a white ribbon at the point where the paper lantern meets the top of the tomato cage and where the two body portions meet. Tuck any excess fabric underneath the tomato cage. See, it's already looking more like a snowman.

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Step 5: Add the Facial Features

Cut out two 3-inch circles of black felt with scissors and glue them to the head for the eyes.

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Cut out a four-inch square out of orange felt, fold it in half diagonally, and glue two opposite corners to the head for the nose.

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Glue black buttons to the head to create a smile.

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Step 6: Decorate the Body

Add large "buttons" to the body by cutting out 4-inch circles of felt and gluing them to both round body portions. I used green felt, but dress your snowman with whatever colors you'd like.

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Step 7: Add Arms

Tie two branches to the ribbon around the neck to act as the arms. Choose a skinny branch with a lot of twigs at the end of it so the twigs are like fingers.

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Step 8: Wrap a Scarf Around It

Tie a scarf around the neck to hide where you tied the branches to the ribbon. The scarf also adds a nice sartorial touch to our snowman.

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Step 9: Finish with a Hat

The snowman isn't finished without its magical hat. A plastic top hat, which you can find at a party supply store, completes the look and makes this snowman a true gentleman, ready to greet all your holiday visitors in style.

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong
Image Credit: Jonathan Fong