How to Do Your Hair Like Rey from Star Wars

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A timeless trendsetter, Rey Skywalker from the ‌Star Wars‌ trilogy is a force to be reckoned with. It's no wonder the force-awakened star sets the standard for timeless beauty, and so many fans want to do their hair like Rey from ‌Star Wars‌. The triple bun signature look she sports is sought after by trendsetters and influencers alike. She's stealthy, fearless and a natural-born warrior. Check out this tutorial and feel like a real-life ‌Star Wars‌ jedi master. You'll easily achieve this DIY hairstyle in no time.


Things You'll Need

  • Dry shampoo or styling spray

  • Bristle or detangler brush

  • Small, clear elastic bands

  • Bobby pins

  • Hair clips

  • Pin tail comb

  • Hair spray

  • Curling iron

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Prep your hair for styling

For stunning ‌Star Wars‌ hair, start with clean, slightly moistened hair. Use a light styling spray or dry shampoo to add some hold. Brush your hair smooth to tame flyaways and keep stray hairs in place. This is the best way to achieve the look of Rey's hair.


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Make a twist

Starting at the crown of your head, grab a small front section of your hair and twist loosely toward the back. Secure it with an elastic band and bobby pin if needed. Brush your hair backward away from the face to create the last jedi hairstyle.


Divide your hair into three sections

Section off the hair in three parts. Use hair clips to secure your hair. Try to make it as symmetrical as possible. This helps bring the ‌Star Wars‌ hairstyle together.



Comb your hair in the direction you will part or section it. Then, clip to create each section. This reduces the chances of bumps and loose pieces as you create the loop.

Create the first bun

Begin the first Rey bun. Grab about 1/3 of the hair and place it into a loose ponytail using an elastic band. Don't pull it all the way through. The result should be a 3- to 4-inch loose bun. If your hair is thin or too flat, use a comb and a small amount of setting spray to tease the bun higher if desired. This updo is designed to turn heads, even in Jakku.


Wrap the ponytail

Use a small section of hair left out of the bun to create a hair wrap. Wind the hair around the elastic band to conceal and finish the first bun. To bring this Lucasfilm Rey hairstyle to life, secure it with a bobby pin.


Form the second bun

Continue with the second bun. Tease your hair if necessary for volume. Use hair spray to help form the bun. Make sure the buns are symmetrical and even. Wrap some hair around the elastic and secure it. Leave enough hair to create the last bun. Your updo is almost finished. Use your shoulder-length or long hair to create a stunning triple bun.


Finish the third Rey bun

Use the remaining hair to create the third bun. Wrap excess hair around the elastic loop. Create a professional look by keeping all hair secured with a band and bobby pins. If you choose a more relaxed look, leave some hair flowing down past the last bun. Allow some wispy strands on the sides.



For a low-key, natural look, choose a hairband or tie that closely matches the color of your hair. For a more dramatic appearance, try bands with bright hues.

Lock it in place

Polish the look by using a curling iron to touch up any flyaway hairs. Pin areas that need support and stability. Use a strong-hold finishing hair spray to lock your hair in place.

The ‌Star Wars‌ Rey triple bun trend is perfect for everyday casual wear. It's also an elegant statement for a formal event or Halloween party. Whatever you choose, this look allows you to forge your own path and channel your inner force to conquer the world.


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