DIY Peacock Feather Placemats

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Things You'll Need

  • Peacock feathers

  • 3-inch circle hole punch

  • Heavy cardstock

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Hot glue gun

  • Felt

  • Jeweled embellishments

Peacock feather placemats

A placemat made entirely of peacock feathers is truly a luxurious way to dress up the table. They retail in stores for up to $100, but you can make them for just a few dollars each. Besides being beautiful placemats for dishes, these placemats also look stunning under centerpieces – and the matching napkin rings are gorgeous even without the placemats. And they're surprisingly easy to make.


Step 1

Cut peacock feathers to 8 inches.

Cut the peacock feathers to about 8 inches. The 8-inch feathers will result in a placemat that's 16 inches in diameter. For each placemat, you will need about 18 peacock feathers. They can be purchased in bulk online.


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Step 2

Hot glue feathers to cardstock disk.

With a 3-inch circle hole punch, make a round disk with the heavy cardstock. Hot glue peacock feathers to the disk so that the ends of the feathers meet in the middle of the disk, and the eyes of the peacock feathers line up on the outside circumference. Go all the way around until the feathers have covered the disk.


Step 3

Cover the center with additional feathers.

Cut the quill completely off four to five feathers so only the eye remains. Hot glue them around the center, where some of the cardstock is still peeking through.


Step 4

Create a matching peacock feather napkin ring.

Make the matching napkin ring. Cut a 2 inch by 6-inch piece of teal felt, form a loop and hot glue the edges together. Hot glue a feather to the felt. Accent the napkin ring with a jeweled embellishment.


Try to use peacock feathers with similar-sized eyes so they line up uniformly.


Use caution when using the hot glue gun, especially since you might be touching the quills, which will have exposed glue. Look for silicon finger protectors in crafts stores to guard against burns.


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