How to Let the Weights All the Way Down on a Grandfather Floor Clock

Each of the weights on your grandfather clock has a different job and drops at a different speed depending on that job. The weight on the right operates your clock's chimes, the center weight moves the pendulum and the clock hands and the weight on the left side of your clock powers the hour strike. When making repairs, you may need to dismantle your clock, and that could require lowering the weights down to the grandfather clock floor.

Lower the weights correctly on your grandfather clock. (Image: Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Step 1

Open the front door on your grandfather clock to access the pendulum. Stop the pendulum movement with your hand.

Step 2

Grasp the pendulum with your hand. Lift up on the pendulum to unhook it from the pendulum guide attached to the clockworks. Carefully lay the pendulum aside.

Step 3

Remove the side access panels from the grandfather clock cabinet. Locate these panels on both sides of the clock and designed to allow access to the clockworks. Depending on the manufacturer and design of your clock, the panels are made of wood or glass. Slide the panels up to release them from the grooves cut in the clock cabinet, and pull them from the cabinet.

Step 4

Reach inside the clockworks. Find the winding barrels behind the face of the clock that hold the weight cables. Lift the level that engages the teeth on the barrel while holding the weight. This releases the weight and allows you to lower the weight inside the clock.

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