DIY: Faux Plastering With Drywall Joint Compound

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Things You'll Need

  • Painter's tape

  • Drop cloth

  • Detergent with a degreaser

  • Bonding primer

  • Caulk

  • Drywall knife

  • Latex sealer

  • Paint tint

  • Paintbrush

Use joint compound to change the look of your walls.
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A plaster finish on an accent wall in your home can quickly create an expensive and stylish look to your home. Plaster provides both depth and texture to your walls, which creates an interesting focal point to any room in your home. However, the amount of plaster needed to pull off this look is often quite an expense. Luckily, you can achieve a similar look using simple and cheap drywall joint compound.


Step 1

Tape off the area you plan to faux finish using painter's tape. Remove furniture away from the work area, and protect your floor using a drop cloth.

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Step 2

Wash the wall using a mixture of water and a few drops of detergent with a degreaser to remove grease, wax and dirt from your planned surface.


Step 3

Thin out your joint compound by combining a 4.5-gallon bucket of Joint compound with one tube of caulk and a quart of bonding primer. Mix well.

Step 4

Tint your joint compound using the appropriate colored paint tint for your project. Tints can be found at most home improvement stores. Measure your tint carefully and write down the measurements you used. That way if you need more than what you mix, you can make a second batch of the same color.


Step 5

Apply the joint compound mixture to your wall using a drywall knife or trowel. You can use a 4-, 6- or 12-inch knife depending on how big you want your pattern to be. Apply the compound in a thin layer coming from different directions to create more texture.

Step 6

Apply at least two coats of latex sealer over your plastered wall. Allow to dry before painting.


Step 7

Paint your wall using your chosen paint color. Take a dry brush while your paint is still wet, and brush and rub it across the surface of your wall to help paint get into the nooks and crannies of your wall. Gently apply a second watered-down lighter coat of paint if you want more of a faux finish.


You can apply more joint compound as you go, so always start with thin layers and build up.

You can skip tinting the joint compound if you plan to us a faux paint finish over the joint compound.


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