How to Fix a Leaking Horse-Trailer Roof

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Things You'll Need

  • Ladder

  • Silicon or marine caulking

  • Sealant tape

  • RV roof coating

  • Hose and cleaning supplies

A horse-trailer roof that leaks can mean a ruined grooming job on your horse as well as soggy carpeting and soaked clothes in your dressing area. Continued leaks can lead to structural damage and costly repairs to your trailer at a later date. While most trailer dealers can repair these leaks for you, repairing these them yourself can save both time and money.


Step 1

Determine the location of your trailer's roof leak by checking for stains inside the horse area or wet spots on carpeting or walls in the dressing area. Examine the roof for any cracks or breaks, paying special attention to the areas around vents and seams.

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Step 2

Clean the area to be repaired using soap and water. Allow the area to dry thoroughly before making repairs.

Step 3

Spread silicon caulking around any vents that need repairs, paying special attention to corners. If your trailer has a fiberglass roof, use a marine caulking designed for fiberglass boat repairs.

Step 4

Repair any cracks or damage to the roof using sealant tape. Be sure the tape extends past the damaged area and all wrinkles in the tape are removed. If your sealant tape comes with a paint, use it to cover the tape. If not, use an RV roof coating to protect the roof from future damage.

Step 5

Run water over your trailer's roof to make sure all leaks have been addressed.


If your trailer's roof has leaked for any length of time over the horse compartment, remove all mats and check the floor for any signs of rot. This is especially important if the floor is made of wood.


Do not stand on your trailer's roof unless it is designed to bear extra weight such as hay bales or driving carts. Be careful when running water on your trailer while you are standing on a ladder as the rungs can become slick.


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