How to Install Ledgestone Around Wall Outlets

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Things You'll Need

  • Plate cover (for outlet)

  • Marker

  • Tape measure

  • Electric grinder

  • Safety goggles

  • Table or workbench

  • Brick hammer

  • Water

  • Mortar

  • Trowel

Ledgestone can provide a natural look to your wall.

Ledgestone is a type of stone veneer often used for fireplaces and interior walls because it has at least two flat sides, which makes it easy to use in those circumstances. Like other types of veneer, the ledgestone is actually concrete molded to resemble natural stone, and it is adhered to the surface with mortar. When you're installing ledgestone on an interior wall, you must be able to cut the stone to fit around electrical outlets.


Step 1

Hold the cover plate for the outlet against the wall over the outlet. Trace the edge of the plate onto the wall, then remove the plate.

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Step 2

Measure the distance between the tracing for the plate cover and the edge of the closest ledgestone that has been installed on the wall.

Step 3

Flip the ledgestone over so it's facedown. Mark a line on the back of the ledgestone that matches the distance between the cover plate and the adjoining ledgestone. This line is where you will cut the ledgestone.

Step 4

Score the ledgestone with an electric grinder, going about halfway through the ledgestone.


Step 5

Place the ledgestone against a table or workbench with the area you want to remove hanging over the edge, with the score line on the edge of the table. Carefully tap the part you want to remove with a brick hammer.

Step 6

Spread water on the back of the ledgestone. This prevents the stone from drawing moisture away from the mortar as it sets.


Step 7

Apply about a half-inch of mortar on the back of the ledgestone and on the wall where you're installing it.

Step 8

Press the ledgestone into position on the wall.


Wear safety goggles when using the grinder.


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